The sidewall of your tire is marked with specific numbers that you have probably never rendered necessary. However, these numbers are quite helpful when it comes to replacing your tires. Your tire measurements are recorded on your vehicle's tires, and it is essential you know how to decipher the measurements.

Let's get a practical example, P225/50 R 17. You would interpret this as P-metric. Your tire size can also have an LT, which is short for Light truck meaning the tire is a light truck tire. The number after the first letter is the measurement of the width of the tire. Our tires width measure 225 millimeters. After the slash, another number is a ratio of the height to the width of the tire. This means the size of the tire is 50% of the width of the tire.

The R shows the tire Rs construction for radial, B for belted bias, and D for diagonal bias. The other number, 17, indicates the diameter of the rim that fits your tire. This is often measured in inches.

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