Tire Changing Tips From Macdonald Motors Bridgton CDJR in Bridgton, ME

Having a flat tire can be extremely stressful if you don't know how to put on the spare when help isn't nearby, but these tips from our team at Macdonald Motors Bridgton CDJR in Bridgton, ME can help make changing a flat tire an easy process.

Have all the necessary equipment in your vehicle to change a flat tire. This includes tire tools, a car jack, a spare tire, lug wrench, flashlight, wheel chocks, and an emergency warning signal. After you locate a safe place to park, then you'll need to shut off the engine and turn on your parking brake.

After you have your jack, tools, and spare tire, then you can loosen the lug nuts. Be sure that you read your owner's manual to find out where you should position the car jack. When you've lifted the vehicle at least six inches off the ground, then you can remove the lug nuts, tire, and wheel. Position the spare tire in place and be sure that it aligns with the wheel bolts. After you've put the lug nuts back on, you can lower your vehicle.

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