Get to Know the Capable, User-friendly Ram 1500 Today

If you’re in the market for a new light-duty pick-up truck, the Ram 1500 definitely deserves a second look. The new Ram 1500 is currently available at Macdonald Motors, and you’re invited to come by for a closer inspection and a test drive to see what makes this particular brand so popular among the truck-driving public.

The Ram 1500’s available eight-cylinder engine delivers more than enough power to navigate almost any terrain while the advanced suspension system serves to smooth out even the roughest road for the passengers inside. A frame created almost entirely of high-strength steel provides stability and allows the Ram 1500 to easily tow loads of more than six tons.

Safety is also front and center in the Ram 1500. The array of standard and optional features includes blind-spot monitoring technology that’s designed especially for use when towing a trailer. This translates to a little extra peace of mind when taking to the road with a boat, camper or another vehicle in tow.



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