Examine the New Dodge Challenger at Macdonald Motors

Anytime the Dodge Challenger is mentioned in the race for greatest muscle car lineup ever they are a serious contender. This line of vehicles has a long and storied history of being on the top end of automotive performance, style and these days- luxury. While the lineup went away for a few decades it returned with a vengeance and is currently one of the most popular 2 door coupes in the United States.

Dodge offers 5 different performance levels for the Dodge Challenger. While previous models were strictly geared towards performance the lineup has been segregated by performance. The higher-end models tend to be more expensive and retain higher performance. The highest trim level is currently the crazily fast Dodge Challenger Demon dragster with a total of 808 HP.

Examine the New Dodge Challenger. Visit our showroom in Brighton, ME today!

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