Step Into the 2018 Ram ProMaster

If you plan on hauling cargo throughout Bridgton, having a vehicle that's easy to get into is a must-have. The 2018 Ram ProMaster is designed for easy maneuverability. The popular cargo van has an accessible loading area and a tall ceiling that gives you plenty of room to move.

There are opening on the side and rear of the van. The side provides 49-inches of horizontal clearance while the rear door provides 60. The body of the van is also lower to the ground. The front-wheel drive makes a driveshaft underneath the chassis unnecessary. There's only 21-inches of space between the floor of the van and ground. Inside, you can get upwards of 76-inches of vertical space, allowing you to stand up comfortably.

Visit us at Macdonald Motors in Bridgton, ME today to see how easy it is to get into the 2018 Ram ProMaster. We'll be more than happy to give you a tour and set you up for a test drive.

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