Which Is Best to Provide Traction in the Winter - Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter?

Are you wondering what would be your best bet to spread on your driveway or parking space for traction during the winter? There are a variety of techniques, though certain ones have an undeniable edge over the others.

Rock Salt Wins Out

When you want to de-ice before driving, rock salt is among the top options. The reason that the salt works so well is simple. It melts the ice by lowering its freezing point, and it also provides added traction after it has gotten done melting. Only one pound of the rock salt is needed to melt about 46 pounds worth of ice. Rock salt is not the best for the environment.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter makes for good traction under your wheels. It also is better for the environment than salt. However, it is not as effective at de-icing the road. It also can become slippery when exposed to a large amount of water.


Sand is the least expensive of the three options. It is ideal for carrying around in your car, and should be spread in your driveway as an alternative to salt. However, it does not actually melt ice.

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