Check Out the Latest Ford Super Duty!

With over 12 million miles of testing done, the new Ford Super Duty is built for superior strength and durability, along with astonishing steering capabilities.
Here at the dealership, when people want a truck with incredible hauling capacity and performance, while not sacrificing security and comfort, I recommend the Super Duty, with its advanced safety features and amazing power.
With a best-in-class 7,630-pound payload, as well as 925 pound-feet of torque, this truck is built to deliver -- whenever and wherever necessary to get the job done.
Despite its fantastic power, the Super Duty doesn't sacrifice any maneuverability, with advanced steering capabilities making driving through traffic and around tight corners surprisingly easy.
Come down to the dealership and see if you like driving the new Ford Super Duty, and check out the video to see some of the incredible testing that they are put through!


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